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16 January 2009 @ 03:38 am
Dear watchers,

I have some news for all of you. From this day onwards Melody and myself are going to leave dustypaper and spread our wings at our own separate resource communities. We were enlightened and happy to update together, although for now we would like to create something new.

Melody chaoticfae is going to post at moody_muse.
If you were taken by her stunning icons and lovely resources don't hesitate to stick by her and watch her community. <3

I innocent_lexys am going to post at infinite_muse.
If you like what I do, then please continue to support me and watch my community. ^.^

As for Alexa phaantasia, it is up to her wheter she is going to run dustypaper alone or continue to update elsewhere.
We loved to share this community with you hun. <3
Oh and of course either way, we would like to keep our archives in this community.

And we would be also thankful if you guys would pimp our new communities.

Thank you for watching us here and being there for us.
We are hoping to see you in moody_muse and infinite_muse.

Take care,
~Melody and Lex
15 January 2009 @ 07:03 pm

Heather banquier made a new community for her graphics padlockk, so rush over and watch it because she is truly an amazing iconist. =3

P.S: I will really update with some textures soon. *is lazy to write a post. ._.*

Take care,